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Bird and Wild Animal Feeding Regs Aim to Protect Humans and Wildlife

Photo Credit: Wes Timmerman

After grizzly 399 and her four cubs found human-related food sources in southern Jackson Hole, Teton County and the Town of Jackson updated their wildlife feeding regulations.

Teton County's requirements, now in effect, prohibit feeding of ungulates such as deer as well as predators such as bears. The new rules also prohibit the presence of unsecured pet food, garbage, seed or birdseed. Trash containers, buildings, fencing, and enclosures are required to meet standards to keep bears from accessing human-related foods. Non-native ornamental trees and shrubs are also addressed.

Bird feeders must be inaccessible to wildlife other than birds.

For more information about Teton County's effort to protect the health and safety of the public and wildlife, download the new Wild Animal Feeding requirements, excerpted from the county's Land Development Regulations:

Wild Animal Feeding - Teton County, WY
Download PDF • 64KB

Similar wild animal feeding regulations are slated to take effect throughout the Town of Jackson on April 1. In town, however, bear-resistant standards will be limited to a newly designated "town bear conflict zone." To learn more about the town's requirements, see this article in the Jackson Hole News and Guide: "Jackson joins Teton County in requiring bear-resistant trash cans: Bruin-resistant trash cans will be required on Town's periphery."


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