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Photo credit: Wes Timmerman

Birds & Buildings

Information for protecting birds as well as buildings

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Photo credit: Wes Timmerman

Saving Birds One Window at a Time - Find information and resources collected by our friends at Great Salt Lake Audubon. Also, watch the video of their recent program for Jackson Hole Bird & Nature Club.

To avoid collisions with windows, feeder placement should follow "the 3/30 rule" — put feeders within 3 feet of windows or more than 30 feet away from them.


For simple solutions to make windows safe for birds, see Hilary Turner's blog post: "Small Actions Make a Big Difference." Hilary serves as Program Coordinator, Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation.
Woodpecker Situations & Solutions - from Massachusetts Audubon. Excellent information on non-lethal solutions to woodpecker problems.

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