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Evening Grossbeak WT_edited.jpg
Photo credit: Wes Timmerman

Let's Go Birding!

Resources for Finding Birds 
in the Jackson Hole area

Bullock's oriole WT_edited.jpg
Photo credit: Wes Timmerman
Learn What's Been Seen Recently 

Check out the local Field Notes column that appears weekly in the Jackson Hole News & Guide. Find the column in the current online issue by going to the JH News & Guide home page, then the Valley section, then scrolling through the list of columns and clicking on Field Notes.

Check a Local or Regional Bird List

Download the searchable Birds of Jackson Hole checklist, compiled by Bert and Meg Raynes, to learn about the abundance, seasons, and breeding status of 341 species of birds reported in Jackson Hole. 

Other checklists include:

Birds of Yellowstone, updated 2021, by the Yellowstone National Park Bird Program.

Wyoming State Bird List (searchable), by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department.

Atlas of Birds, Mammals, Amphibians and Reptiles in Wyoming (searchable), by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department.

Contact a Local Birder

The online club, Birding Pal, helps birders speak with a knowledgeable, local birder and possibly go birding together.

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