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2023 Christmas Bird Count Highlights

Photo Credit: Susan Marsh

On Saturday Dec. 16 we joined birders across North America and beyond in the largest and oldest Citizen Science project in the world, the Christmas Bird Count. Susan Marsh coordinated this year's Jackson Hole CBC and compiled the individual reports.

In total, 58 counters logged 86 hours and tallied 1,149 individual birds. On count day, 44 species were observed, and an additional six species were noted during count week. Unusual highlights were: 10 American Dippers, 98 Bald Eagles, 306 Ravens, two Golden Eagles, one Pygmy Owl, 117 Trumpeter Swans, one Red-Tailed Hawk, one Northern Shrike and one Wilson's Snipe. Much appreciation to Susan Marsh for her work each year to ensure that our valley's avian population is accounted for.

This year's totals included:

American Crow 2

American Dipper 10

American Goldfinch 45

American Tree Sparrow 40

American Widgeon 45

Bald Eagle 98

Barrow's Goldeneye 77

Belted Kingfisher 1

Bl.-capped Chickadee 109

Black-billed Magpie 123

Brewer's Blackbird 1

Brown Creeper cw

Bufflehead 8

Canada Goose 17

Clark's Nutcracker 35

Common Goldeneye 9

Common Merganser 7

Common Raven 306

Common Redpoll cw

Downy Woodpecker 5

Eurasian collared dove cw

European Starling 8

Evening grosbeak 5

Gadwall 14

Golden Eagle 2

Great Blue Heron 1

Great Gray Owl 1

Great Horned Owl 1

Green-winged Teal 39

Hairy Woodpecker 6

Hooded Merganser 2

House Finch 20

House Sparrow 6

Killdeer 2

Mallard 228

Mountain Chickadee 60

Mourning Dove 6

Northern Flicker cw

Northern Pigmy Owl 1

Northern Pintail 1

Northern Shrike 1

Pine Siskin cw

Red-br. Nuthatch 6

Red-tailed hawk cw

Ring-necked Duck 6

Rough-legged Hawk 2

Steller’s Jay 14

Townsend's Solitaire 1

Trumpeter Swan 117

White-br. Nuthatch 2

Wilson's Snipe 1

Total species count day 44

Count week 6

Total individuals all species 1491

Total number of counters 58

Hours counted 86

If you would like information about identifying Jackson Hole birds in winter, download Susan's pdf, "Selected Winter Birds of Jackson Hole," by clicking HERE.


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